In our view, the DJ is one of the pivots of the scene. It is he who maintains constant communication with the public, capturing the atmosphere of the party to enhance, direct and transform people’s experience. Therefore, it is not enough to be competent only in the handling of pick-ups and CDJs and in the construction of their repertoire: but also in their self-development, improving their human quality. Only this will guarantee your sensitivity to learn, discern and interact with the scene, the only way for the professional to grow along with the market, without becoming hostage to passing fads. Therefore, at AKOLONIA the course for DJs integrates the practical disciplines with conceptual classes and theoretical discussions, laying the foundation of a mature DJ regarding the demands of the scene and keen on his own artistic potential.


With a duration of 15 hours, 4 private studio hours, own teaching material and classes for a maximum of 2 students, ensuring student learning with the latest equipment provided by PIONEER DJ and the teacher who has more than 1000 hours of experience. classroom, and is qualified to observe student performance, adapting the pace of the lesson and deepening the needs of the class. Our facilities have two studios, a comfortable classroom with a projector, a movie room and a support kitchen. We also have a backyard with a swimming pool for leisure after an intense day of studies.