The advances in music production technology, which allowed anyone to record their music in a home studio at low cost, have a very welcome positive aspect, but not without traps. If a musician, no matter how promising it may be, does not observe refined care and strategies, he risks compromising his time and disposition in initiatives without results. It is safe to say that, by bringing more players to the market, the democratization of music production increased the demand for quality. Here at AKOLONIA we take this into account in order to prepare a course only with attested professionals in the world of labels. The mastery of this language, that of production techniques, especially the software Ableton Live and Logic Pro, is the end of a course that goes much further, offering an overview of the stages of the music process and unraveling the mechanisms of the life cycle this product. We seek to sharpen the student’s market sense so that, facilitated by digital resources, their creativity is applied with greater chances of success.